WINDOW GALLERY: May – Sally Hogan

Junee artist Sally Hogan features in the ERA Window Gallery during May.

Artist statement

The Space Between

During September 2018 and 2020 I spent many months, weeks and hours in a hospital room as my 2 year old grandchild battled leukemia. Everything had changed in our lives and yet the world still turned.  Time became an interminable wait measured by tests, medications, medicos, treatments, x-rays, ultrasounds, results, staff, meals, podcasts, crosswords, darkness and light. One day as I looked out from a hospital window I could see the city far below but became distracted by the frantic buzzing of a fly. It was caught in the tiny gap between the panes of double glazed glass. It could see the world but couldn’t go forward and couldn’t back. Like the fly I felt trapped in the space between. These works are a response to this time. 

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I have enjoyed a diverse career in education with leadership roles at school, regional and state levels. These include several principalships along with many advisory roles in teaching and learning, gifted and talented education, cross curriculum and creative arts. I have always expressed myself through the arts. Since retiring from full time work in 2020 I have returned to my first passions, music and art, food, family and travel.  

  • 2007 Masters of Educational Studies, University of Newcastle
  • 2005 Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Pedagogy and Gifted Education) University of Newcastle
  • 2000 Graduate Certificate of Arts Education K-­-6 University of Western Sydney
  • 1977 Diploma of Teaching, Riverina College of Advanced Education
  • 1976 Visual Arts Degree (1 year)