Window Gallery | Juanita McLauchlan

Permission by Juanita McLauchlan

2018-20 Rice paper, thread, woodcut

Artist Statement:

It is a journey of finding culture and weaving it back together.

Sometimes we try to hide our family history, yet it is always there – you just have to look for it. There is an infinity of stars connecting us back through time to our family. Families are untidy, and there is always something to be dealt with, but the connection is present through the chaos.

This work is breathing and moving, like a body, with the crinkles of a lived life.

About the Artist:

Juanita McLauchlan is a Gamilaraay woman living on Wiradjuri country in Wagga Wagga. She enjoys the thrill, complexity, texture, chaos and control of the printmaking medium. While her material and conceptual problem-solving processes of making are experimental, Juanita’s work is equally indebted to, and guided by her indigenous heritage.

When Juanita came to install this work recently in the Window Gallery, she had a profound impact on our team, her telling of the story of ‘Permission’ struck a real chord with each of us. ‘Permission’ can be viewed in the ERA Window Gallery until the end of the June, where life goes by 24 hours a day 98 Fitzmaurice St, Wagga Wagga.