DOGS BALLS is a 1800 mm long depiction in gaffer tape of the streetscape of the two blocks opposite the Eastern Riverina Arts office in Fitzmaurice Street, Wagga Wagga, as it will look at some point in the near future.

The thought-provoking piece is now on exhibition in our Window Gallery at 98 Fitzmaurice Street.

Roughly to scale, the work was made working off Google street view screen shots. This work follows on from portraits called Muse, A Nut (of Andrew Bolt), Not Just Another Rotary Art Show (a zebra), The Passionate Embrace (during a residency with Instinc in Singapore), Tatiana and the Ruby Wombat, (Old Firetstation Art Space, Dubbo), and his most recent gaffer work, 2019’s The Forest, a stop motion gaffer tape forest in Dubbo’s Western Plains Cultural Centre, filmed with 360 degree cameras, and viewed through VR googles.

Dr Greg Pritchard has been working in gaffer tape since 2009 when he created a portrait of a friend for a group show in Natimuk’s Goat Gallery (Western Victoria). It was a way of rendering the same aesthetic as shadows, that he was obsessed with at the time (still). He had just finished his Masters in Art at RMIT with a thesis in Shadows and Performance, and had created the performance Lit from Within for a Seedpod Residency in Castlemaine, with Punctum.

Greg was Director of the Regional Arts Australia conference/festival in Dubbo in 2016. For this gig, he put together a program from regional art right across NSW. He was again employed by Regional Arts NSW to be Artistic Director Artstate Tamworth, the smaller conference/festival that followed Artlands and had iterations in Lismore, Bathurst, Tamworth and will be in Wagga in November this year. GReg is also the manager of ERA’s PLATFORM art space.