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We were thrilled at last months Music NSW announcement to hear that Riverina/Murray had been selected as one of three regions for the Regional Music Officer (RMO) pilot program to take place. Our excitement continued once we learned that Phoebe Pinnock would be our resident RMO!


The Program is a 12-month pilot which focusses on employing local music champions to be brokers within their towns on behalf of MusicNSW – building capacity and relationships between local industry, artists and council.


Phoebe is extremely well connected in our community. She has preformed, promoted and championed the efforts of our local music industry for over a decade. Speaking at last week’s SHIFT forum, Phoebe advocated for a greater representation of regional musicians in policy making decisions and we’re looking working with her over the coming months on these matters.


The three RMOs have been undertaking a music census of their local areas since July and will be hosting their first public networking sessions in the last week of September.


Each networking even will be free, and a great chance to chat with MusicNSW and meet other passionate music people in our local area. The first of such events in our region will be a meet and greet session with Phoebe taking place on September 25th at Romano’s in Wagga.

Registering for event is free and will be a great opportunity to find out more about the program and how you might able to get involved.


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