Tarcutta Mural unveiled

A new mural in Tarcutta serves as a memorial and a hope for the future for a small Riverina town.

This mural was commissioned by the Tarcutta Community in partnership with the City of the Wagga Wagga. Sam Brooks, an Adelaide based artist, was selected to design a mural commemorating both the people of Tarcutta who have served in our nation’s conflicts. It also pays homage to the returned soldier settlers who were granted plots of land in the district. The mural was completed in time for ANZAC Day 2021.

To listen to six short audio stories about the mural, search for ‘Tarcutta Mural’ on your favourite podcast service or scan the QR code to listen via Apple Podcasts, Google Play or Spotify.

Artist Sam Brooks

No matter when
No matter where
Or which uniform you wore
If you came home
Or you gave your all
We will remember you

Rhonda Shoemark

Thanks to the hard working and dedicated community members of the Tarcutta Mural Committee whose vision and determination saw this project come to fruition. Thanks to Barbara Wheeler, Rhonda Shoemark for her poem, the Australian War Memorial and the Charles Sturt University Regional Archives. The short podcast episodes that accompany the mural are gripping stories about the direct impacts of war on Tarcutta, and the subsequent soldier settler schemes which played such a big role in the settlement of the region. We hope people will stop, listen, and support local businesses as they pass through Tarcutta. 

The Tarcutta Mural project demonstrates how an art project can really deliver social, economic and community outcomes all at once. Eastern Riverina Arts worked with the Tarcutta community and Wagga Wagga City Council to develop a proposal to capitalise on some Federal Tourism funding that was available to bushfire-affected communities. On the one hand, it’s a simple and beautiful tribute on the memorial hall to honour the service men and women from Tarcutta. It’s designed to increase tourism by drawing in people who are experiencing mural and military history trails across the region.

Tarcutta is a small town, with empty shops that don’t look like opening. The mural is firstly to pay tribute to all of the men and women who fought in a war -by a representation on our memorial hall. Secondly we are hoping that this mural will generate tourism in our town and maybe some shops will reopen. Sam Brooks has done a wonderful mural, a little different to other towns and it is already getting people to stop and comment. Great work.

Barbara Wheeler, Chair, Tarcutta Mural Committee
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