With film productions taking off across the Riverina, Eastern Riverina Arts have joined forces with Screen NSW to bring free workshops with one of the country’s leading Location Managers to the Riverina. During four whole-day workshops, Lisa Scope shared the creative process of reading a script for locations, photographing a location effectively and gave some inside tricks of the trade to participants – all of whom are local photographers. Then everyone jumped in a mini-bus to take photos of some of the Riverina’s most striking (and not so striking) potential film locations. One of the SCOUT participants has already received paid work scouting locations for a feature film shoot in Tumut. SCOUT is about more than skills development. It is about putting our region on the table as a viable place to set and film a movie or television production. Lisa helped participants to upload their location shots to Screen NSW’s Reel Scout Locations database. There are now 46 potential film locations in the Riverina documented in Reel Scout, thanks to the work of the SCOUT Participants.