Are you, or do you know, a high school student who is aching to take his or her artistic practice to the next level?

Councillor Kevin Poynter and the Young Artist Support Program are here to help.


Cr. Poynter has generously made a donation towards the development of young artistic careers. The Young Artist Support Program will assist Wagga Wagga’s youth artists who are committed to developing their practice in visual or performing arts. The program will specifically support the costs associated with travel, accommodation and workshop fees.

This program could assist in a trip to Sydney for a workshop with Bangarra Dance Theatre, a summer session with Australian Theatre for Young People or a visual arts master class held at one of the many cultural institutions across the country. There is no shortage of artistic prospects for young people and travel costs should not stand in their way.

Cr. Poynter explained,

“As a supporter of the arts, a number of people have approached me to assist in the development of young artists. After talking with Scott Howie, I discovered there was a gap in funding support for these young people and decided to work with Eastern Riverina Arts to fill this gap. There are a lot of great opportunities for young people and this program will allow them to take advantage of those opportunities. People in Wagga Wagga are really good about supporting people with talent and I encourage others to support local artists especially emerging ones.”

While this is fantastic for the Wagga Wagga community, we would love to develop and extend this program to the surrounding areas in our region. If you are interested in establishing a similar program in your area please get in touch with us at ERA!


If you would like to be considered for this program please fill in some basic info and respond to this criteria in the form below: Are you a high school student based in Wagga Wagga? How will this program benefit you and your artistic practice? Why do you need this financial support? What is your commitment to developing your practice?


Please do not hesitate to contact ERA on 6921 6890 if you have any queries.


Fields marked with an * are required



What is the opportunity? What do you intend to do? Let us know where you are going? Have you been invited or is it something you found yourself? Where will you be travelling to? How long? What would happen if you couldn't go? How will it help you develop your artistic practice or skills? When will it happen? Give us as much info as you can to help us make our decision.


Unfortunately we cannot fund the whole amount you might need for your opportunity. Let us know below how much you think it will cost in total to take up the opportunity and how much support you would like from us.


Please provide us with a letter of support for a teacher who can provide a reference saying how committed to your art form you are, attesting to your brilliance and/or potential and overall that giving you money would be a great investment.

Also you might want to upload a photo of your artwork or a sample of your writing or a link to a video or website.  Anything that helps us understand who you are and what this opportunity means to you.

Only jpegs and pdf files can be uploaded. If you have a video please provide a link to youtube, facebook or vimeo


Check you have filled in all the form and attached a letter of support.

Let your parents know you have applied. If you are under 18 they will need to agree to the funding.