What is this? Project Project is a program to help artists/artist groups develop their ideas into fundable projects.

Who is it for? Creative practitioners in our region who are interested in developing projects that have a community participation focus, who live in the Eastern Riverina Arts region.

How does it work? Creative practitioners are invited to pitch an idea for a project that has the potential to capture the region’s imagination. Pitches will be assessed by a panel comprised of ERA staff and board members. A shortlist of three projects will receive one-on-one coaching to further develop their project. A minimum of one project will be selected to take through to funding application, with the application being jointly written by ERA staff and the artist. If the project is successful in being funded, the original proposer will be employed to deliver the project with project management from ERA.

Where does the money come from? Eastern Riverina Arts will apply to the Regional Arts Fund (RAF) community grants program for a minimum of $20000 for the project

What should the project be? An ideal project would involve community participation across our region, possibly but not necessarily in multiple locations in our region. It would employ professional artists. attract lots of media attention, look amazing in real-life and in its documentation. If you could come up with something as cool as the Yellow Submarine project in Holbrook, we would be impressed.

Any project will need to be able to meet the aims of the Regional Arts Fund and be assessed favourably under the funding criteria but we will worry about that later. It would be a good idea to look at previous funded projects to get an idea.

But I don’t want to do yarn bombing? That’s OK, we are looking for new ideas. Not just doing something that has been done before. (OK, yes, we know. Everything has been done before, there’s nothing original left to do). So please no yarn-bombing or silo painting projects

How do I pitch? Email a short video (no more than 3 minutes) to info@easternriverinaarts.org.au answering the following questions.

1. What’s your name?

2. What’s your idea? Try to keep this between 50-100 words?

3. What would excite the region about your idea. Or why is your idea the best?

4. What support/resources would you need to bring this idea to reality? Do you need 100 volunteers, a bobcat, an iconic building, a million dollars?

5. What skills and experience do you bring to the project? It might just be your enthusiasm, passion and reliability or maybe it’s a million dollars, a bobcat and a diploma in event management

But I’m not any good at making videos? Won’t that mean you’ll hate my pitch? This is about your idea, not your video making skills. We just want to hear you talk about the idea not read about it. Talking straight to you camera phone is good enough for us. If you want to add a diagram or image thats okay too, but there is no need to go overboard. Your idea and your drive to make it happen is what will impress us.

Is this a competition? Do I win something? No, this is definitely not a competition. Your pitch is an expression of interest to take part in a professional development opportunity and the possibility of entering into a collaboration with Eastern Riverina Arts.

Wait. Are you just looking for ideas to steal? No, we want to help the next generation of arts project leaders develop their ideas. All pitches not taken through to the next stage will not be used by Eastern Riverina Arts in any way. Its yours. You can still make it happen.

Time frame:

Pitches Due: 9:00 am Monday May 8

Successful pitches announced Monday May 15. Unless we end up with seven hundred pitches to look at

One-on-ones: May-June

Application development: June-July

Grant ready for submission August 1

Regional Arts Fund closes August 12.

Project Commences 2018