The Multistory Project aimed to address the key issue of providing a space for inter-generational and inter-cultural exchange and dialogue. The purpose of this space was to break down barriers between cultural groups and increase acceptance and tolerance across all cultures of Wagga Wagga. The space would enable cultural groups to develop their social voice to counter stereotypical and negative portrayals, or the lack of portrayal, in mainstream media, in addition to misinformed views that are promoted within physical and virtual communities.

The project provided Wagga Wagga with a community-owned and maintained media portal that allowed for communities and cultural groups to own the way in which they are portrayed in their community. Additionally, The Multistory Project helped to build the skills and capacity within the community to engage with new social media tools. This ensured that communities aren’t disenfranchised by the lack of access to the Internet and new technologies that can be used not only promote themselves, but to enter into dialogue with the local community and the global community.

video workshop 1

I learned computer skills, team work, digital skills, work experience, speaking skills improvement and how to meet new people”

– Jenelyn, a participant in Multistory digital literacy workshops

The project was most successful in generating content that displays the diversity of Wagga’s population and promotes greater understanding of each other. Many of the workshops involving young people provided opportunities for cross cultural exchange. Another of the project’s successes was in identifying a number of artists, who became involved in The Multistory Project through our Harmony Day events, the project launch and other workshops. These artists, through promotion on the website and the events, have gone on to develop more public awareness, employment and performance opportunities.


“I Write,” Zohab Zee Khan:



Content created during The Multistory Project included: a dance video, a music video, cooking videos, performance poetry, Drawn Together digital storytelling workshops, and Bridges to Learning animation/digital literacy workshops.

This content was presented at numerous community events including: Harmony Day, The Multistory Website Launch, Ngiyaginya Festival, Refugee Week and Fusion Multicultural Street Festival.


Download this PDF to read a full overview of the project.