On October 18, we welcomed Fanny Lumsden and her bandmate Dan to our office to discuss how they navigated their way, over the last 5 years, from playing “flood-raiser” shows in the Riverina to receiving their first ARIA nomination.


Fanny and the band are currently on their fifth annual Country Halls tour and their debut album Small Town Big Shot is available on iTunes and Spotify and at your local Sanity or JB Hi-Fi.


These were some helpful tips given by Fanny and Dan on Tuesday night…


  • Identify your brand and harness it. Really believe in the image, vibe and mission you want your art to embody.
  • When starting up, get involved in your community. Establishing a strong foundation will only help you in the long run and make your career more sustainable.
  • That said, recognise what your community wants and needs. Respond to this by connecting to the core of the community and always have a champion or two who can vouch for you and your talents.
  • Graphic design is very important. Make sure your promotional material is consistent and rocks similar theme colours, fonts and design. It is all about continuity and familiarity.
  • Maintain visual continuity across posters, social media accounts, advertising, website and etc. This will ensure your image is strong and recognizable.
  • Embrace crowd funding. Pozible and Kickstarter are fun ways to get the community involved and keep your hands in how you market your talent.
  • Mobilize your friends and peers in a similar field who are growing with you. This support network will have your back and can empathise with you on failures and successes. It is always a plus to have photographer friends, design friends and business-minded friends :)
  • Use social media to your benefit. Push your brand, post videos, tag photos and get the word out about your art in your way. Being proactive and consistent on these platforms is crucial to success.
  • Success does not happen over night. Developing your image and practice takes time, but with a solid foundation, true passion and fierce commitment, you are sure to make a lasting impression and establish yourself the way you want.