On her practice and this exhibition, Heather said,

“This window display is about my continuing journey into the practice of hand-building with ceramic clays, mostly porcelains and stonewares.

My inspirations are drawn from my surrounding environments, particularly natural Australian landscapes and what they hold within them; porcelain with its translucent quality and how it reacts when exposed with a source of light; and the act of being random, whether it is about placement of colour or about how the piece was initially made.

I have practiced ceramics for 6 years. I have largely taught myself through a lot of experimentation, reading books, and the seemingly endless amounts of information and demonstrations available online. However, during this year I participated to two workshops at Canberra Potters Society. The first was taught by John Tuckwell and was mostly about making very thin porcelain slabs and how to construct them into 3 dimensional objects. The second workshop was about making closed sculptures and surface decorating techniques taught by Srinia Chowdhury. Both workshops have been equally valuable to my practice.”

IMG_6143 IMG_6141

Images (l to r): Heather Lowes, Dragon Fly Dragon, 2018; Heather Lowes, Shazza Shock Value, 2018