Fragments of Vigil, 2017

Natalie Power’s practice is always evolving and revolving around old and new elements from previous works and found objects. The central images, motifs and narratives in her work focus on life cycles. Her work is process driven as she constantly experiments with paper and fabric to cut, incise, print, stitch and burn; what might seem soft and delicate can also be strong and powerful. Her work is often ephemeral, emerging over periods of time and then submerging only to resurface and recreate a new cycle of emerging and submerging; Life, Death, Life. This investigation has been a creative reflection on themes & processes that have evolved over 20 years, spanning three decades of discovery.

Natalie is a conceptual, visual and performing artist and educator. She has lived and worked all over Australia and overseas, but continues to find her way back to the Riverina where she grew up and studied. Natalie graduated from CSU with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 1998 and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education in 2006. In 2009 she opened her own business, Eilatan Enterprises: Empower, Emerge, Emancipate, that combined her passion of the arts and education.