A Conversation With Raeleen Pfeiffer

Raeleen with her series 'Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil'

In February we welcome back Raeleen Pfeiffer to the Window Gallery with her linocut series Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil. The Rock based artist adding yet another medium to her ever growing portfolio which also includes award winning metal work, acrylic, water colour and charcoal designs.

We sat down with Raeleen to discuss inspiration, motivation and what it means to be a regional artist in 2019.


ERA: How would you best describe your style?

RP: Ummm my style varies a lot. At the moment I have a very defined style in my linocuts. But I also love painting and drawing and printmaking is relatively new to me.


ERA: What was the inspiration behind the Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil series?

RP: I’ve been studying myself for a really long period of time. I also listen to a lot of friends and experiences from their past. I just feel that I’d like to make a social comment on how women voice their opinion and how they are heard.


ERA: Can you talk us through your artistic process?

RP: I start with a drawing and that’s just out of my imagination. I’ve done a lot of life drawing and portraiture and I use that experience to create the works. I often draw on past experiences, I listen to things, I watch things, like I said, I listen to friends and their stories and I like to try and depict and capture what I hear.


ERA: Do you have a favourite medium to work with?

RP: (Laughing) I like them all! At the moment I’m pretty focused on printmaking and I’m really enjoying that. I love Aquatint and I find Linoprints very therapeutics as well. I think it’s the physical cutting of the board that does it. I love the process and I love the visual result at the end.


Raeleen Pfeiffer, ‘I Have My Eye On You’, Linocut, 2018



















ERA: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Riverina artists at the moment?

RP: I think from my experience, sometimes you don’t always get the opportunities that city artists get. It’s a lot of expense for a regional artist to sort of get away and go to the city for an exhibition. Even once you get there you’re there you’re generally unknown so getting into that market and creating an identity for yourself is very difficult.


ERA: What would you like to see change?

RP: What I think is a benefit is if other community groups get involved with art and they support each other. Tourism is huge. For example, it’s really good to be able to display your works at an art and craft show. Those opportunities are really great for artists in regional areas. There are some limits to where you can show your work and artists need to be looking all the time for opportunities to be able to do that.


ERA: You’ve exhibited with us in the past, how have these opportunities impacted your practice?

RP: I always think it’s another experience. I like to think that when I come and exhibit it’s an opportunity not only to present something new but also to reflect on processes I’ve taken to get there. I also use it as an opportunity to reinvent myself, almost like a fresh start. It’s really great to have a space for a whole month, which is a long time for an artist.


ERA: What feedback have you received from your exhibitions with us in the past?

RP: I’ve had people saw “oh I saw your work in the window”. Last year one of my laser cut pieces was actually purchased by a lady who lives in Wagga. There’s a lot of foot traffic here and people do stop and notice what is in the window.


ERA: What is one piece of advice you would give to other artists in the Riverina region?

RP: Do what you feel strongest about and that’s where your passion will lie. You need to be true to yourself.


Raeleen Pfeiffer, ‘A Creep’, Linocut, 2018























The print series will be featuring in the window of our Fitzmaurice Street offices until March 1st 2019. For more information about Raeleen’s work please visit her website.


Do you have a piece/ pieces you’d like to exhibit? Get in touch with us or fill out the application form here.