Have your say in NAVA's Code of Practice


One of the most useful resources in the Eastern Riverina Arts office is NAVA’s Code of Practice.

The section I refer to most is the Pay Standards for Artists & Arts Workers. It provides a guideline for what artists should be paid in various situations. It is something all artists should care about and use as the basis for charging for their time and work.
As part of NAVA’s major revision of the Code of Practice, they have drafted a set of new Pay Standards for Artists and Arts Workers that responds to the urgency for our collective work on improving the sustainability of Australian artists’ careers.
Feedback on the pay rates is generating lots of discussion. Is it enough? How can galleries afford to pay that much given current funding levels? Because of the complexity of the argument NAVA has extended the time for feedback until mid-October. If you are an artist or employ artists your voice is important.
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