Insurance is a hot issue for artists and arts organisations.  If you are a street performer, host an exhibition, invite people into your studio, run workshops, sell your designs or perform in a band then you put yourself in situations where you may be liable for injuries to others. Funding bodies often require proof of public liability. Other tyes of insurance may also be needed including personal accident insurance, equipment insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

That said there is an abundance of information out there. Here are a few links to helping you understand insurance issues a little more,


Starting Points

Arts Law provide an excellent info sheet on insurance and liability to get you thinking seriously about it all.

ABAF have a whole range of fact sheets available including one on insurance and risk management


Some providers

Insurance may not be as expensive as you think. Many arts organisations and peak bodies offer group policies that make insurance more affordabe for arts groups and individual artists.

Regional Arts NSW offers affiliate members access to group insurance policy cover. Regional Arts NSW endorse the brokerage Art Sure.

Regional Arts Victoria offers individual members access to public liability

Artworkers provide affordable public liability to visual artists, craft workers and designers through an affiliated accredited membership

Duck for Cover is a not for profit association offering affordable insurance for performers (including workshops)

NAVA offer an insurance package as part of its professional membership for visual artists

The Association of Community Theatre acts as an umbrella group for amateur and community theatre groups.  Members are entitled to access a group insurance policy.

AON have developed a number of packages for the entertainment industry, including photography and dance (in conjunction with ausdance)

Local Community Insurance may be helpful to community groups seeking full insurance packages


Please note: Eastern Riverina Arts do not endorse the services of any of the insurance products offered by the above organisations. If you require Public Liability Insurance you should contact a professional insurance broker to advise you on what product best suits your needs.