First up in the Window is Tumut artist, Jess Forster.

The sculptural installation ‘Watering Holes’ explores our relationship with the local environment. It uses sheep wool, an introduced species, sculpted into organic yet ‘alien’ forms, to question whether our existence in the native bush is parasitic or symbiotic. How can we move through the space, without existential damage? How can we exist in a realistically mutualistic relationship with the ecology?

Jess Forster is a sustainable Textile Artist + Educator from Tumut, NSW. She creates unique hand-felted objects and artworks from locally sourced natural fibres. Jess aims to reinvigorate the traditional craft of felting into a contemporary context. Her practice explores the human relationship to land and place, resulting in organic objects that seem spiritually ancient, yet somewhat futuristic. Jess was a recipient of Create NSW’s Young Regional Artist Scholarship in 2016.

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Watering Holes, wool, felt, 2017-18