Create NSW Changes Explained














Create NSW have released details of their new look funding program with a couple of key changes that we all need to get our heads around.


There has been a little bit of criticism of the new program, but here at Eastern Riverina Arts we take the view that changes were necessary and no-one will have any idea of the impact of these changes until the first round of funding is announced. The changes represent new opportunities for us all.

1. There are now two rounds a year for Projects, Annual Organisations, and Creative Koori funding. There is also a commitment to set dates for the funding announcements.

2. Only Aboriginal individuals or organisations Aboriginal individual with a strong cultural affiliation with country that is now called NSW can apply for Creative Koori Funding.

3. Other organisations working with Aboriginal artists or communities need to apply through projects.

4. All applications will now be assessed by specific Artform Assessment Boards. YOU need to nominate which artform board will assess your grant.

5. Assessment criteria has been reduced. A new criteria IMPACT allows you to choose whether your application is assessed on its potential Cultural, Social, Operational or Audience impact.

6. There is ‘no’ upper limit for what you can apply for. However the more money you ask for, the more detailed information you have to provide. You also have to provide more income (cash and in-kind) from other sources, the more you request.

7. Good news. If you are seeking less than $20,000 for small projects, the whole process has been simplified. It’s a great opportunity for artists to apply for a small individual project.


Keep an eye for more news regarding Multi-Year Funding and Scholarships/Professional Development programs later this month.


If you want any help deciphering the new guidelines and what it might mean for you or your organisation please get in touch by emailing us at