Cello Riot played a packed Office Gig on 30 July 2015. Keep an ear out for her EP, due later in the year.
Cello Riot breaks all the rules with style: live-looping Bach, music of her own, and some killer covers.

Fresh from a gig supporting Katie Noonan, Cello Riot is a one-woman reimagining of the classics, looping and layering her cello live on stage.
Cello Riot is Wagga’s Clare Brassil. Classically trained, and pop-informed, Clare has followed her cello on many fine pop/rock adventures. She has played live with Kanye West, Barbra Streisand, Missy Higgins, Kasey Chambers, Katie Noonan, Lior, Leonardo’s Bride. She has recorded for Jimmy Barnes, Gelbison, Sleepy Jackson, The Whitlams, and many more wonderful songmakers.


Check out Cello Riot’s work on YouTube:

Cello Riot: dying

Cello Riot: Morning

Cello Riot: Bach C major Courante (with loop pedal)

Cello Riot: Bach C major Sarabande (with loop pedal)