Angela Coombs Matthews

High in the Evening Sky Hand printed digital images of two silhouetted birds looking out into the vast night sky. The birds merge with spindly branches seemingly watery hidden depths and luminous reflections. Find Angela on Creative Riverina Back to Horizons Made Wide

Hape Kiddle

Holding Water Holding water is a series of vessels whose form indicate the holding, and through spout like extensions sharing this water. Our rivers are the veins of our land scape. These rivers connect our communities in the truest of ways, and bond us throughout our landscapes. Timber. Connect with Hape Kiddle on Creative Riverina …

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Yianni Johns

Did You Break Wind In this whimsical scene of two technicians involved with servicing a wind turbine power generator. One looks up to the other and asks the inevitable question one can ask in a situation like this. Did you break wind? It’s a fine art fart joke. Oil on stretched canvas. Find Yianni Johns …

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Wendy Fraser

Spartan Beauty On my regular journeys from Sydney to my studio in Batlow, my heart opens up as the land and sky progressively do the same. Around Goulburn, the stark and unadorned landscape emphasises the powerful extent of the open horizons. Acrylic on stretched canvas. Find Wendy Fraser on creativeriverina.com Back to Horizons Made Wide

Michael Koren

Wantabadgery A serialised science fiction Western, narrated by a retired AFL player and set on the light side of the moon (with lots of moon buggies and ambling moon calves). A GM Eucalyptus camaldulensis, modified for vacuum, low gravity and dark matter synthesis wanders the fleecy dunes heartbroken over the absence of a particularly lissome …

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Leigh Hewitt

After The Match ‘After The Match’ depicts the crowd leaving Robertson Oval against the backdrop of the old Murrumbidgee flour mill and an unsettled sky. It is based on photos taken after the AFL pre-season game held just prior to the Coronavirus lockdown. The solitary man with a beer walking towards the viewer is perhaps …

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Kate Smith

Home is where the plains are In this piece I have used a combination punch needle stitches to create a visual representation of my love for the endless horizons of the Riverina. I have focused on the rich earthy colours in contrast to the endless skies. Wool and Fibre Find Kate Smith on creativeriverina.com

Dr Julie Montgarrett

Tensions of Place: one wild country The late Phillip Hunter, contemporary Australian landscape artist, said that portrait format rather than landscape enhanced the illusion of depth we perceive into the picture plane. In this work, the horizon-eye-line is present, with storm-cloud skies borrowing Hunter’s premise for similar reasons but with exaggerated verticals. I’ve intentionally used …

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Juju Roche

This work explores the morphing of diverse natural elements, with particular reference to land, sky and sea. Focus was centered on eliminating the brush gesture, resulting in a fluidity of colour that evokes a sensory response of the real and the imagined. Oil, mixed media on canvas Find Juju Roche on creativeriverina.com

Joel Markham

Beckett moment This tree lives in my neighbourhood and I have seen it – and ignored it – on countless occasions. But when a nearby street light was replaced, I saw the tree as if for the very first time, and in reaching for my camera, I was reminded of photography’s capacity to also refresh …

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