CASP Tips (2021 Projects)

Is your arts project ready for a Country Arts Support Program application?
Here are some things to think about when making your application.


The Country Arts Support Program (CASP) support community arts and cultural development in regional NSW through small grants. Usually, CASP grants cover artist fees, transport and accommodation to facilitate cultural projects with strong social and community outcomes. In the Eastern Riverina Arts service area, up to $5000 is available for CASP projects, and there is no targeted focus area beyond those listed in the application guidelines. CASP projects Must take place between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2021.

Have you checked through all the eligibility requirements in the Grant guidelines, including the ‘Who can apply for Funding’ and ‘Who is not eligible to apply?’ sections?


Are you :

  • A not for profit incorporated body;
  • A local government authority; or
  • A collective with a nominated Funds Administrator (auspicor)?

If you answered NO to any of these questions you may need to find an organisation to work with…

If you answered YES please continue.

Have you had or have you booked an appointment to talk to staff at Eastern Riverina Arts about your project? This is compulsory.

  • If you answered YES – Hooray!
  • If you answered NO – appointments are available via ZOOM, on the phone or face to face in most areas.

Some things to consider when developing your project:

Does your project have a community outcome? Will you project help develop skills within the community? Who will your project impact or influence?

Finances & Insurance

Do you have a budget planned out?

Applications for our region are capped at $5000 max.

What will your income and expenses be?

Will you receive in-kind support? Can you put a $ value to it?

Things you might be able to get in-kind support for:

  • venue hire
  • materials
  • hire fees
  • catering
  • transport

Do you have (or does your auspicor have) a current certificate of currency for Broadform Liability or ‘Public Liability’ Insurance? Check out Duck for Cover, Artsure, NAVA (just some examples, there are others… shop around)

Engaging an artist

Do you know how much to pay an artist? You can sign up for a free membership with NAVA and access Chapter 7 here which includes a table of rates of pay.


Do you have community support? Can you prove this? It is essential. Get your Letters of Support done early. Make sure the author of your Letter of Support knows as much as possible about your project including community outcomes. Examples of who you could get a Letter of Support from include:

  • Sponsors
  • Collaborators
  • Councillors and MPs
  • Community members who are potential participants
  • Community groups who would benefit from or see the benefit of your project
  • Venue
  • Anyone offering in-support


Make sure you know about your ‘capacity’ to deliver the project. In your application talk about past projects you/your organisation have worked on or delivered include links if possible. Think of this part as your project CV.

The Application Form

To apply to the 2021 CASP funding round you need to complete and submit an application form through our secure online grants system, SmartyGrants.

You will be required to create a SmartyGrants account before you can proceed with your application. You should save your application form on a regular basis and allow plenty of time to review your application before submission.

We can’t do this part for you but if you are well-prepared you will be fine. Our staff have some experience with SmartyGrants and help is available from Regional Arts NSW and Create NSW via the application.

CASP will not fund:

  • Core equipment purchases
  • Capital expenses
  • Production costs of films, videos, books or other publications
  • Competitions
  • Fundraising events
  • Prizes and adjudication fees
  • Applicants who have already received Create NSW funding for the same activities
  • General operating expenses or ongoing costs of long-term continuous projects
  • Projects that have commenced or are completed Sporting activities
  • Activities which could be considered part of the curriculum for schools or tertiary institutions

Examples of previously funded CASP Projects

Riverina Summer School for Strings: Outreach with Cootamundra Strings – 2020

To provide tuition and accommodation support for two Cootamundra Strings members to attend the January 2020 Riverina Summer School for Strings from 11 – 18 2020 as well as to produce a Sounds of Summer string concert in Cootamundra on Wednesday 15/1/2020

Tumut Art Society: Workshops on Wheels – 2020

A collaborative venture incorporating visual art workshops to be held in the rural communities of Tumut, Cootamundra and Temora. Three separate workshops delivered by professional artists who are leaders in their medium/genre to be provided to each community and supported by the other Art Societies.

Spirit of the Land Lockhart Festival – A Maze of Art- 2020

‘A Maze of Art’ is a four day community wide art workshop to design and create farm art sculpture panels for inclusion in the new maze at the Lockhart Outdoor Youth Space. This collaborative project will be undertaken in September 2020 prior to the Spirit of the Land Festival.

Lockhart Shire Council Youth Advisory Committee: Heroes of the Community: What the young people think! – 2019

Mentored by a writing expert and a graphic designer, young people in the community will interview and photograph people they feel are making a difference in the community and create a professionally designed and displayed book.