Eastern Riverina Arts is readily available to auspice on behalf of individuals or groups applying for local, state, federal funding and philanthropic funding.

Not familiar with auspicing? Auspicing is an arrangement where one organisation agrees to receive and administer project funds on behalf of another group/individual who is running the project.

Lots of funding bodies will not give funds to individuals, preferring to enter into a contract with an incorporated association.


Eastern Riverina Arts will auspice projects that fit within our auspicing policy. Some key elements of the policy are

  • Auspicing shall be provided for arts based projects to individuals that reside within, or community groups based within one of the local government areas that make up the Eastern Riverina Arts region and whose work is known to the RADO.
  • Auspicing shall not be provided for applications that do not include the payment of fees to professional artists.
  • Eastern Riverina Arts charges an auspicing fee.

If you are interested in being auspiced by Eastern Riverina Arts you must speak with our staff at least 28 days before your application is due.