The good people at Burning Seed festival (think Burning man, but with more kangaroos) have asked us to help find an artist who will make an art work for the festival. It will mesh with Burning Seed’s Ten Principles, and will more than likely feature an interactive component.

There is up to $1000 up for grabs, but there are a few provisos:

  • The money is for materials or material transport only
  • You’ve got to buy your ticket into festival – everyone does
  • No artist fees – everyone works for free at Burning Seed
  • It’s got to be a tangible art work, not a performance
  • No fire

Keen to apply?

To apply, send us an email to rado@easternriverinaarts.org.au with a concept brief. We want to know:

  1. What is your artwork going to be?
  2. Include designs/drawings/photos
  3. How does it relate to the Ten Principles of Burning Seed?
  4. How much money you need, and what is the money for?
  5. Your best contact details (phone and email)

If you’re successful, you’ll be required to provide more detail (See this form) to the Burning Seed organisers.

Applications close midnight Sunday 30 August.