Water Child (Huon Pine) - photo Brett Naseby

Hape Kiddle

Hape Kiddle works from his studio in Yenda, and  has been creating since the age of six; crafting, building, constructing with anything he could hold in his grubby little fingers. Thinking back he remembers finding pumice stone in the Rangitikei and Hautapu Rivers in the Manawatu Region of New Zealand sculpting them to shapes and forms of all kinds.

Before picking up a chisel or a file he draws the object line over line defining the shape to its exactness analysing the three dimensional form as a two dimensional form before making any marks to his timber, bone or stone. He considers the shape, the shadow, the space and how the viewer will interact with each work.

Constantly referencing the natural environment his work draws on connections to the waterways and rivers that wriggle and wind their way through this land. Hape finds that sharing and experiencing the environment surrounded by friends and family significantly informs his approach to his practice.

Hape’s exhibition Vessel was on at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery’s E3 Space from Feb 12-22, 2015. The objects on display are informed by the landscape of the Riverina – particularly the environment surrounding the Murrumbidgee River.