Andrew Whitehead

Andrew Whitehead is a Sculptor, Bush Poet and Cartoonist who lives on a small farm near Urana that his family has occupied for the last 116 years.  He decided to take up sculpture as a profession after winning First Prize in the inaugural National Farm Art Sculpture Award in 2007 with his first sculpture: “Mad Cow”.  Prior to this Andrew has been an Armoured Ambulance Driver, Teacher, Farmer, Fireman, Road Crash Rescue Operator, Diesel Mechanic,  Council Worker, Gravedigger and  “Tip Rat”

Andrew creates animated, life like sculptures using recycled scrap metal artefacts. These works are commissioned by community organisations and collectors who often supply the artefacts used, in order to create a personal link, and therefore real ownership of the sculpture. These artworks celebrate local historical events and themes.   He currently has 8 large public artworks in locations across Australia including “The Taylor Farley Memorial” at Shepparton Victoria, the “Toowoomba swagman” and “Shearer and sheep” at Muttaburra in the centre of Queensland. Each of these artworks have become a tourist attraction.    He has also won numerous national and regional sculpture awards.

Andrews aim is to continue to create happiness in those who view his work.

Andrew’s website is