If a still life, as Giorgio Morandi painted, is a reflection of who we are, then what does a still life formed from neon say? This Is Not a Still Life is a direct comment on life as we know it, ebbing and flowing, consistently in motion, challenging our very existence as we live, fast or slow, hard or soft. The work takes the “still life” genre off the table and places it onto the wall paying homage to artist Dan Flavin and his exploitation of the banal object, the neon. This Is Not A Still Life alludes to the traditional still life as a form of meditation in which the artist attempts to incorporate into her daily practice, searching for a sense of calm amongst the chaos.

Peter Kozak explains Corrie’s work, “By amplifying and reframing objects and phenomena that are generally overlooked – making them responsive to colour, light, movement and other conditions, she seeks to express ideas or emotions, to highlight tangible and intangible phenomena and to explore the different ways that found and discarded objects interact with our senses and thinking”. Corrie studied at the Queensland College of Art and has exhibited in Brisbane, Melbourne, Wagga, Narrandera and Germany.

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