Angela Halkias-Champ

Banksia vessels

The impact severe bushfires have on natural habitats and ecosystems -the destruction and devastation to environments is long lasting both physically and emotionally, experienced far and wide.

‘Banksia vessels’ speaks of the fragility of natural species that have not developed adaptations to fire and are lost in such events. They are a memory, of what may remain; charred and blackened surrounded by ash. Far removed from the showy floral display of these iconic species, when thriving in favourable conditions.

The piece is from a collection of works, drawing parallels in nature with the human spirit, and how the effects of such events can impact individuals in differing ways; being robust, able to ‘regenerate’ and even reinvent (adapt), or so intensely impacted that they are unable to recover entirely – if ever.

The ceramic work was made in early 2020, from my response to the human and natural loss caused as a result of the Black Summer fires.

Stoneware Clay, Glaze

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